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Posted by on Feb 11, 2019 in computer Repair and sales |

3 Reasons It’s Best to Repair Instead of Buy a New iPhone

3 Reasons It’s Best to Repair Instead of Buy a New iPhone

You’re in a hurry. One minute, you’re reading something on your phone’s screen and in the next, someone’s bumped into you hard enough to make you lose your grip on your phone. When you pick it up, there’s a large crack on the screen. Do you buy a new phone or do you head on over to an iPhone repair center in Tulsa? Here’s why the second option is your best bet.

You save on costs

Maybe it fell from a short height or maybe it has a sturdy protective case. Whatever the reason, the damage to your phone might not be as severe or serious as you might think. The only way to find out, though, is to bring in your phone to a repair center. If you the warranty on the model is already long gone, though, then finding an independent repair shop is your next best choice.

Getting help is easy

Plenty of independent repair shops offer same-day service for common repairs, The Globe and Mail says. If you’re in luck, you only need to wait for a few hours before your phone is back in your hands, good as new. That’s a definite advantage to getting it repaired rather than having to go to all the trouble and expense of buying a new one.

It still works

Minor repairs at a trusted iPhone repair center in Tulsa can easily fix whatever problems your model might have had. When that happens, there’s really no excuse to go out and buy a new model. If your old one works fine, then keep yourself from wasting some serious cash by having your phone repaired instead of replaced. Wait until the model dies on you—and it will, sooner or later—before you start shopping around for a new one.