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Posted by on Oct 19, 2020 in Healthcare |

3 Pieces of Advice Podiatrists in Joliet Would Give You for Good Foot Health

3 Pieces of Advice Podiatrists in Joliet Would Give You for Good Foot Health

All Podiatrists in Jolietwould agree: keeping feet healthy is just as important as any other body part. Feet are used every day, so constant maintenance to keep them clean should be a priority to everyone. However, feet and ankles can be susceptible to common conditions and diseases such as bunions, fungi, athlete’s foot, and bone fractures or sprains despite one’s efforts. If you suffer from any of these ailments, learning about some preventative measures to fit your needs will keep your feet healthy.

Keep Your Diet Healthy

One of the most common medical conditions people face as they get older is osteoporosis. More often than not, stress fractures in the feet are one of the first places osteoporosis reveals itself. To keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis, it is important to get enough calcium and vitamin D in one’s diet through dairy products, leafy greens, and plenty of sunlight. This will ensure that bones continue to grow stronger, even as the body ages.

Don’t Forget the Toes

Daily exercise is great for the body, even if it means taking the stairs to work instead of the elevator. Unfortunately, many people forget to get their toes moving, too. No matter what type of exercise someone is into, a lot of weights is being put on his or her feet. Remembering to exercise the toes in workouts like Pilates, simple stretches, and toe curls can relieve discomfort in the future.

Do It Yourself

Pedicures, foot soaks, and frequent nail maintenance is important for good foot health. However, infection can spread from person to person due to unclean or recycled tools at nail salons, usually without the person’s knowledge. To prevent this, Podiatrists in Joliet recommend at-home spa treatments to keep feet safe and healthy. Soak feet, trim toenails, and massage lotion into feet and legs for a beneficial way to treat yourself.

Taking frequent care of your feet will keep your body healthy and reduce the risk of future foot ailments. Make this a priority, as poor foot health can lead to many other non-foot related problems. If you are still suffering and need the care of a professional, look no further than the Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates. With extensive knowledge in podiatry, these doctors will take excellent care of you and your feet.