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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Automotive |

3 Main Causes of Equipment Failure Related Car Accidents

3 Main Causes of Equipment Failure Related Car Accidents

When your car is not checked regularly at an Auto Repair Fort Collins CO mechanic to keep your car in perfect condition you can be in danger of equipment failure while driving. Equipment failure is the number one cause of accidents in the U.S. Here are the three most common cases of equipment failure of which you should be aware.

Brakes play an obvious important role in the operation of your vehicle. The older your car, the more chance there is of brake failure. Today’s car makes and models have many safety features that make total brake failure close to impossible. Even if one side of your car experiences some form of circuit failure the way the brakes are installed allows for the other side to manage a safe stop. Older drum braking systems are the real culprits as they can fade when over heated. Modern vehicles are able to avoid accidents more easily due to anti-lock brakes that prevent your car’s wheels from braking during an emergency stop. Regular maintenance at an Auto Repair Fort Collins CO shop will help avoid brake issues.

Suspension and Steering
When suspension or steering performance fails you, even the best driver will be unable to avoid an accident. Steering issues will make it impossible for you to avoid unexpected obstructions such as animals running in front of your car, sudden stops and pedestrians. The suspension of your car keeps your tires in stable contact with the road. Issues with suspension can cause your car to work in an unpredictable manner which can be dangerous especially in an emergency situation when manoeuvrability is required.

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Tires require constant attention as so many things can go wrong with them. They are the wear and tear of your car and under-inflation is the most dangerous condition for tire issues during accidents. Worn and uneven tires are the second most dangerous tire scenario in the case of sudden stops. All in all to be safe you should schedule a check for alignment, suspension and balance every 5,000 miles with your Auto Repair Fort Collins CO mechanic.

Having your car checked regularly by your Auto Repair Fort Collins CO mechanic will help keep your car free from potential mechanical failures. A & B Import Auto is one of the best auto repair shop providing quality car repair and service in Fort Collins CO.