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Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Garage Doors |

Signs You Need Garage Door Services in Maple Grove

Were you aware that the garage door on your home is considered one of the most essential and most complicated mechanical assets present? This means that it is essential that you ensure it continues working properly year after year. Some signs you need to be on the lookout for that will indicate you need Garage Door Services in Maple Grove are highlighted here.

Slower than Normal Operation

The garage door on your home should open and shut with a speed that is consistent. If you have noticed a decrease in this speed, then it may be due to a blockage that is present. Another issue that may be present and causing this issue is if the connection going from the control panel to the garage door is not meeting, which will require professional Garage Door Services in Maple Grove to fix the problem.

Loud Operation

No garage door will be whisper quite; however, it should be able to operate with only a small amount of disruption. If this begins to occur, it may be that the hinges or the rollers need to have lubrication added, or the issue may be related to dirty or misaligned tracks.

Sagging Door

You should ensure that the garage door is balanced. This will ensure that it will not sag, which means that it will continue to shut, even when you want it to remain open, either by using your remote or manually closing it. If you begin to notice signs of sagging, it may be that you have a tension spring that is no good.

Higher Energy Costs

Your home’s garage door plays a huge role in the efficiency system of your home. If you begin to notice that your cooling or heating bills are increasing, then the culprit may be inadequate weather fitting, a door that does not fit properly or another problem that is related to the home’s garage door.

If you have noticed these issues, then it is time for you to call in the professionals. Contacting Custom Door Sales will provide you with access to industry professionals who can answer any questions you may have about your home’s garage door and when it is time to install a new one. Being aware of the most common issues will help you know when you need to call for service and repairs.