Important Considerations About installing Clear Erase Wall Coverings

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Home And Garden

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If you are considering clear erase wall coverings for your home or your commercial property, there are a few things you will want to consider when it comes to the installation of this type of wall covering. This wall covering can be great for viewing projector images, writing and more. After you have ordered your clear erase wall covering you will want to make sure that you approach the installation process correctly to be sure that your new wall covering looks the way you want it to.

First you will want to make sure that you inspect your clear erase wall covering from the moment it arrives. After you get your product delivered take it out of the package and allow the material to get acclimated to your home. It will need to sit for around 24 hours. During this time make sure you inspect the entire covering to ensure you are satisfied before adhering the material to your walls. Make sure that you measure the pieces as well to ensure they are the right size. Once your dry erase wall coverings have sat out for the appropriate amount of time you will want to make sure that you give yourself plenty of room to work as you start to begin the installation process.

Clear a space so you will have enough room to remove the ‘peel and stick’ material that will come with your clear erase wall coverings. You will also want to have a few tools hand as well. Typically with a scouring pad, a floor scraper for removing debris, seam tape, a utility knife and scissors will be enough to get started. You may also want a straight edge that is around 6 feet long, and a sponge and dishwashing liquid to clean the surface you are adding the clear erase wall covering to.

After you have your tools make sure that you properly clean the wall you are adhering the clear erase wall covering to. Make sure you give it time to dry. You will also want to cover any seams in the wall with seam tape. The idea is to give yourself the cleanest and smoothest surface to install on. Clear erase wall coverings are designed to be installed horizontally so that you can avoid vertical seams that will cause issues with the writing or viewing areas. Make sure you are careful when handling the products as well so that you don’t crease or wrinkle the material and so you do not cause the surface to be uneven. Typically with a little time and careful precision you will be able to expertly hang your clear erase wall coverings and get that beautiful finish you are looking for.

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