Custom Birthday Cake Chicago: Looking for that Special Ingredient

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Baked Goods

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Searching for the birthday cake of your dreams is not at all impossible. However, you must take into consideration that your dream baked cake has to contain ingredients that go well together to achieve a delicious end result.

Custom Birthday Cake Chicago: Personalized cakes

If your taste is too meticulous for bakeshops to deal with, look for custom birthday cake Chicago outlets that can satisfy your cravings. There are many locations where you can find upscale bakeries and downtown Chicago alone can furnish that need. It only takes a little browsing on the net for you to arrive at La Patisserie P, renowned for its seemingly extraordinary concoctions that whet the appetite of every cake lover.

You can personalize your cake to achieve a more rewarding presentation for your birthday bash at home. Try to imagine your friends staring at a uniquely prepared cake that will not only satisfy their hunger for baked treats; they will get to taste the most delectable custom birthday cake Chicago has to offer.

Custom Birthday Cake Chicago: Getting the right ingredients

La Patisserie P ultimately has brought some satisfaction to people who are dying to eat baked goods from within the area. What used to be bland-tasting but attractively-prepared is now totally satisfying and perfect in every way. This is due to the quality of the ingredients used; even hard to find ones are ordered and shipped in to cater to the fancies of locals. When selecting the right birthday cake, Chicago residents will enjoy the options available at La Patisserie P.

You would not want to buy Danish pastry without its usual trimmings and flavorings, right? But of course, there are ingredients available in the U.S. but there are some that can only be ordered from the country of origin. And this is what made this specialty bakeshop La Patisserie P, famous.

Custom Birthday Cake Chicago: Other treats made available

Aside from the Western treats at La Patisserie P, there are Asian baked products that are made available by its Asian proprietor and master chef. Asian oven wonders like Chinese steamed rice cake are on its list alongside with various tarts that have been regulars on its wide range of frequently-ordered products.

Get mesmerized with their version of the Cleopatra cake and cinnamon brioche loaf breads. Hopia Baboy is also available which is a winter melon-filled pastry introduced to Filipinos and Indonesians by early settlers from Fujian province in China. These and more will welcome you as you step inside this bake shop that knows its customer’s preferences inside and out.

Enjoy the tasty preparations made especially for valued clients at La Patisserie P and get the baked goods lover in you satisfied. If you feel like ordering for special events, contact

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