Why You Need a Retainer Nose Ring

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Jewelry

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Just like many other types of body jewelry, a retainer nose ring is an inexpensive and easy way to express your personality. Before piercing your nose, you should select the ideal piece of jewelry to wear on the nose, get to know the basic hygiene requirements of such piercing and have a plan in place for the piercing-free environments. Currently, nose piercing is among the most preferred types of body piercing in the United States. This increased popularity of nose piercing has led to an increased demand for retainer rings.

Currently, the leading body jewelry stores have various types of attractive retainer nose rings to choose from. Some of the available nose ring options include captive bead rings, nose bones, fishtails and nose screws. As such, you can choose your preferred length, style and gauge of nose ring from such stores. These rings are designed to be virtually invisible and to protect the piercing when you are not wearing actual body jewelry. There are various things that can make you not wear a conventional nose ring. As such, it is important that you have a retainer ring at hand. Mentioned below are some of the main reasons you should buy retainer rings.

The Dress Code and Work Regulations

Almost all the workplaces today have a dressing code for the employees. For instance, there are those companies that prohibit the wearing of visible body jewelry. In other workplaces, you will not be allowed to wear non-visible body jewelry, including belly and nipple rings as well. This is particularly the case in those companies where you have to go through metal detectors, while going in or coming out of the workplace. Since most retainer nose rings are made of plastic, they are an ideal option if you work in such a place. They are also less showy and will protect the piercing while in such a workplace.

Professional Look

If you work in a place where body piercing is less common or are joining a company and do not know the policy of the company on piercing, you should wear retainer rings to the workplace. This will ensure that you do not draw attention to the fact that you have a nose piercing.

Safety during Sports

If you are wearing body jewelry while participating in sporting activities, the jewelry may be pulled or snagged. This can damage or tear the nose tissue around the piercing. Therefore, you should wear retainer rings while participating in sporting activities.

In addition to being virtually invisible, these rings are made from bioplast or acrylic. These materials are non-allergenic and will not cause irritation on the nose. Due to these and other reasons, a retainer nose ring is a must-have for those with a nose piercing.

Just like many other types of body jewelry, a retainer nose ring is an inexpensive and easy way to express your personality. Chose from our wide range of nose rings at www.bodyjewelry.com.

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