Why is the Outdoor AC Unit Making Loud Booming Noises? Does it Need an AC Repair in Edmond OK?

by | Sep 7, 2015 | HVAC Contractor

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AC units can get loud. In the middle of summer pumping AC or the depths of winter pumping warm air, the outdoor unit may shake and rumble. But, there is a distinct difference between a system shaking a bit during peak performance and shaking uncontrollably and keeping the neighbors awake. Where are these sounds coming from? What will an AC Repair in Edmond OK fix to make sure the system is just being noisy, and not being noisy and working way harder than necessary?

The heat pump is usually the prime culprit. It is the one part of the AC unit that is most likely to make loud thumping noises. The noise is common as the system shifts regulation from regular mode to defrost. The valve switches over entirely. Rust, moisture build-up, and general wear-and-tear will make this transition more difficult. Homeowner’s will here that play out.

The compressor can also make loud noises. When the compressor is blocked, and air filtration is worsened, the system will strain. The air flow from the compressor to the proper valve needs to be maintained, especially to meet the standards of the person behind the interior dial. The system will work hard to keep those standards. When the compressor is overworked, it starts making a tinny clanging noise.

The system can often work very loud when it is initially turned on. This period of extra loudness can last upwards of thirty minutes, and that can be quite normal. If the loud clanking lasts longer, a call for an AC Repair in Edmond OK should be made promptly.

Owners should also be aware of noises when the system is not on. Every once in a while the system could buzz loudly when shut off. This is usually the release of the solenoid coil which stresses and flexes as it settles.

The biggest concern for Oklahomans is if the AC unit is in threat of failing entirely. That is always up for debate, and it is always possible. If any noises occur that are different or inconsistent from what happened before, call for a review with Benchmark Mechanical Services. It is better to sleep knowing the system is in good shape, and the noises are a normal part of a big system working hard to sustain comfort.

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