Why Every Shop Needs Tire Equipment in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Aug 23, 2014 | Automotive

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Every vehicle has tires, which means every auto repair facility should offer services related to these components. Tires aren’t complicated things, and one could get away with having nothing more than basic Tire Equipment in Pittsburgh PA, such as a tire changing machine and/or a wheel balancer. With simple machines such as this, a company finds they can better serve their clients and bring in new traffic also, individuals in need of a simple tire change or a wheel balance and little else. This type of Tire Equipment in Pittsburgh PA benefits shops in a number of ways.

Wheel or tire balancing equalizes the weight of the wheel and tire assembly to ensure it spins smoothly, even at high speeds. The wheel/tire assembly is placed on the balancer, which then centers the wheel and runs tests to determine where weights must go. Many assume the tires, when installed on the car, are balanced, therefore this doesn’t need to be done again. Shops need to emphasize to customers the importance of regular wheel balancing as balance does change over time. When the tires are rotated, they need to be balanced, and the same is true when tires are swapped for different seasons.

One must emphasize, however, that wheel balancing only goes so far. If a wheel is bent or a tire shows signs of irregular wear, the balancing machine can’t fix this. Wheel balancing is only designed to compensate for any weight differences in the tire. Customers need to be made aware of this also and the need to purchase a new wheel or tire if that is the case. For this reason, many shops choose to purchase a unit which allows them to change a tire and then balance the wheel on the same machine.

Click here to visit the site and learn more about the various products available for automotive shops and car wash facilities. Customers demand convenience when it comes to car service as most use their vehicle on a daily basis. Every shop needs to consider expanding their current offerings to meet the customer needs. Doing so helps to draw in more business and a company will see a good return on their investment when they choose to expand the services offered so everyone wins.

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