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Posted by Judie Langford on Sep 3, 2014 in Business

What to Consider when Designing Custom Tee Shirts in Bonner Springs

One of the best ways to get information about your company or products out to the masses is to have advertising information printed on Custom Tee Shirts in Bonner Springs. This will allow you to advertise your company without paying a lot of money, and can help you build brand loyalty with your customer base. Don’t waste your money on futile advertising efforts when you can invest it into custom tee shirts and help give your company a financially successful future. Before you rush out and order your t-shirts, make sure you consider the following tips. This will ensure a design that will convey well and be easy for everyone to read.

T-Shirt Color – One of the first things you should consider is what color you want your t-shirts to be. Bright colors can help attract attention, but may be too bold for people to wear on a regular basis. It is also important to consider t-shirt color before you go to print, so you know that your information will be easy to read and not clash with the color of the shirt that it is being printed on.

Slogan and Logo – Determine what logos and slogan you would like to have on your t-shirt. You should also determine how large you want the information to be. While larger printing is easier to read, it may prevent people from wearing them as often. Look at several mach ups of your Custom Tee Shirts in Bonner Springs before you give permission to have them printed.

Amount – Think about how many you will need to have made. It is a good idea to get more than enough so you can rest assured that everyone will have the opportunity to get one. If you order a larger amount of t-shirts, you may be able to save money and make the price you pay per shirt decrease drastically.

If you are ready to order custom t-shirts, make sure you contact House of Apparel. No matter what you want created, they will have the ability to make it happen. Call or visit their site today so you can start designing your t-shirts. You have nothing to lose, and only increased business and product branding to gain.