What Homeowners Must Do For Bed Bug Control In Scottsdale AZ

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Pest Control

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When bed bugs make their way into a person’s home, it’s often difficult for homeowners to get rid of them on their own. These tiny pests multiply very fast because they lay numerous eggs at once. To ensure that the bed bugs are completely gone from the home, individuals must contact a qualified Bed Bug Control Scottsdale AZ area company to exterminate the bugs. In addition to contacting a pest control company, homeowners will also have to do some thorough cleaning of their home to make sure all the bugs are gone. To learn what individuals must also do to get rid of the bed bug population in their home, read the information below.

Wash and Dry Clothing

Since bed bugs can spread throughout the home, everything must be washed, vacuumed or cleaned. Clothing, sheets, curtains and all other fabric items inside the house must be washed on the hottest setting and placed into the dryer on high heat. As soon as the items are washed and dried, they must be placed into a clean plastic bag and the top of the bag must be securely fastened. If possible, remove the bags from the home and place them in another location where there are no bed bugs. The clothing should not be put away until the bed bug control in Scottsdale, AZ area exterminator has been to the home.

Clean Floors, Furniture, Walls and Decor

Use the vacuum cleaner through the entire house and vacuum the carpets several times to get as many bed bugs out as possible. Don’t remove the vacuum bag inside the house because the bugs can get out of the bag while it’s being removed. Take the vacuum cleaner outside, take out the dirty bag and put it inside of a plastic trash bag and seal it shut. Vacuum upholstered furniture and don’t forget to vacuum underneath the cushions. Individuals must also vacuum all the mattresses, box springs and bed frames that are in the house. Use a wet cloth or a suitable cleaner to wipe down the walls, decor and every surface inside the house.

After homeowners have washed their clothing and cleaned their home, a pest control company will arrive to exterminate the pests. Contact Alliance Pest Management for professional and experienced pest control service.

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