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Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Healthcare |

What Can You Expect From the Treatment Offered By a Chiropractor in Ft Campbell, TN?

Though many people see a chiropractor after a car accident, there are many other reasons to be seen. A chiropractor can help a person overcome a wide array pains so they can find relief without taking pain medications. Through the treatments offered by a Chiropractor Ft Campbell TN, pain relief can be found and mobility restored so a person can get back to their normal life.

Neck and back pain are the most common types of pain chiropractors treat. They can also treat people with all types of joint pain and headaches. Often, pain can be caused by joint alignment issues. These especially occur in the back and are called subluxations.

When a subluxation occurs, the bones move out of their natural alignment. This is especially difficult to deal with when the vertebrae are not aligned properly. When alignment issues occur, the nerves in the area become compressed.

Nerve compression can cause severe pain that can be impossible to calm. Many people also have numbness, tingling, and strange nerve sensations. Often, nerve compression causes weakness in the limbs, headaches, and problems with mobility.

When a chiropractor first sees a patient who is in pain, they work to find the cause. This can be done by taking a health history and performing an examination. The doctor may also take X-rays to confirm nerve compression is occurring. Visit website for more details.

Chiropractic treatments involve the gentle and precise movement of the bones, nudging them back into their natural positions. As these bones are no longer compressing the nerves, they and the soft tissues in the surrounding area are able to heal.

Full healing takes place over several weeks and may require many treatments. Ongoing treatments are needed until the soft supporting structures heal and are able to hold the bones in their proper alignment. Once healing takes place, maintenance procedures can be carried out to keep the spine healthy.

The Chiropractor Ft Campbell TN, can help people who are dealing with acute or chronic pain. For further information, contact the United Chiropractic Clinic Campbell TN. Through their natural treatments, pain can be stopped so dependence on pain medications can be eliminated. Call today for your appointment.