Wedding Bands in Galway – Why You Should Hire an Irish Wedding Band

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Wedding

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One of the most difficult decisions that many couples have to make is selecting a wedding band. It’s not necessarily the case that the bride and groom like the same style of music. Therefore, choosing a wedding band is often a point of contention between the couple. Now, there are plenty of wedding bands in Galway for you to choose from. But, many people often find it difficult to select the right wedding band simply because they have never seen the band play in person. Hiring an Irish wedding band is a great idea if you really want to liven up the atmosphere and make your wedding a huge success. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring an Irish band to play at your wedding.

Irish Wedding Music

Irish wedding music is popular throughout the globe. Ranging from popular ‘70s jives, classical rock songs and dance numbers, Irish music is revered across the globe. Authentic Irish bands will tailor the music to match your individual tastes. Whether you want to keep the atmosphere lively throughout or go for a slow dance now and then, the band ought to be able to adjust their tunes according to your wishes.

Tailored to a Wedding Environment

Performing at a wedding is very different from performing on a live stage. In a wedding environment, band members have to cater to the requests of the audience and listen to what they are saying. Most importantly, every member of the wedding band needs to be respectful of the audience. The Recoil Wedding Band is a great energetic and professional wedding band covering all of Ireland. Their performances in Galway and other parts of Ireland, such as Dublin, Athlone and Cork have generated massive acclaim.

A Diverse Play list

The play list needs to be decided well before the wedding. Usually, the bride and groom decide upon a diverse play list, ranging from rock numbers and slow waltz numbers to contemporary music, old classics and more. Popular wedding bands often list the songs they cover online in order to create a following. Many professional bands often post their preferred play lists online. However, if you want them to play a special song at your wedding, all you have to do is tell them the name of the song beforehand, and the band will prepare it for the big day.

If you are on the hunt for good wedding bands, always remember to read reviews in order to find out what others have to say. Often times, customers leave testimonials about the band’s performance on websites, so just go through them before hiring the band.

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