Types of Cubicle Curtains Available

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Windows and Doors

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Hospitals and other areas that require privacy should definitely have cubicle curtains. It can be easier to build, because you don’t have to make multiple exam rooms, and it is efficient, as well. Simply pulling the curtain closed will allow your patient to feel comfortable about being in a flimsy gown or being nude. There are three main types of cubicle curtains available, including classic, a paneling system, snapping curtains, and specialized track curtains.

Classic Curtains

Classic curtains have a mesh area at the top to help the curtain breathe, and offers a fabric bottom. These curtains can be cut to any virtually any length, which can help you tremendously. Most people who need to be in those areas prefer to have their curtain as low to the ground as possible. It makes them feel more comfortable. However, you can make the curtain any length you want, which will add style and privacy to any area, though standard lengths are around 20 inches long.

You can choose almost any fabric you want for the curtain, but style may vary slightly. In some cases, the type of fabric used will need to be “non-railroaded,” meaning it will have panels that are sewn together. These panels will match. There are also railroaded fabrics, meaning there is no seam.

Snapping Curtains

With this type of cubicle curtain, you will usually see the classic curtain, but it will have an area of detachable mesh that can attach to the curtain, making it easier to remove panels. This is helpful in many situations, as it can be difficult and tedious to constantly bring in ladders and climb them to remove the curtains. You may choose to have the mesh paneling as one long mesh or have it broken up.

Panel Systems

With this system, you will have the classic curtain, either with or without mesh, and it will be made into identical panels. These panels will be the same width and length, and they will be overlapped.

Specialized Tracked Curtains

Some facilities hate the fact that the curtain track must include hooks or snaps. These curtains can be difficult to remove. However, there is a new option available, which allows the entire panel to be placed around the pole or track. It is easy to remove these curtains from the track and usually come with a special tool to make the job even easier.

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