Top Causes of Dental Pain and Signs it’s Time to See a Dentist in Columbus, WI

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Dentistry

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When it comes to tooth pain, the amount experienced can vary greatly. From mild and fleeting to constant and throbbing, the scale of pain intensity is vast. However, the reason this pain is occurring can often be the same: the nerves present in the center of the tooth are responding to some outside stimuli and sending a warning out in the form of a disagreeable sensation that something is wrong. Some of the main reasons a person may be experiencing tooth pain, and that it is time to see a Dentist Columbus WI, can be found here.


There are certain types of oral bacteria that feed on food particles that have become trapped in the mouth. As they feed, the bacteria will begin to produce an acid that, as time passes, can eat through the enamel of the tooth. Once it does this, cavities form and, depending on how far it goes into the dentin, can be quite painful.

Enamel Erosion

Eating highly acidic foods frequently can have an adverse effect on the teeth. In fact, gastric acids from acid reflux, vomiting, and foods that are acidic can all wear the enamel on the teeth away, leaving them prone to damage and pain.

Gum Recession

As time passes, a person’s gums may begin to recede, which can expose the sensitive roots of the tooth. If a person were to brush too aggressively or use a toothbrush with extremely hard bristles, it can make the gum recession even worse.

Fracture, Crack or Chip in the Tooth

Teeth can become weakened over time because of the pressure that is the result of chewing and biting as well as jaw clenching and teeth grinding. What may begin as thin lines in the tooth’s enamel can turn into fractures, cracks, and chips that will expose the nerve endings.

When any issues with pain occur, it is a good idea to call on a Dentist Columbus WI right away. Professional treatment can help to find the underlying cause of the pain and eliminate it for good. There are a vast array of treatment options offered by Dentistry of Wisconsin professionals, so when pain occurs, a person should not put off treatment.

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