Tips for Hunting Apartments in NYC

by | May 14, 2014 | Real Estate

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There is no question that New York City is an exciting place to live, filled with countless adventures and opportunities. However, due to the sheer size of the city, it has its own, unique set of challenges when it comes to finding the ideal apartment. With the following tips you will be able to find the ideal piece of Real Estate in Soho NYC for your needs.

Know the Difference in a Rental, Sublet and Co-Op

When you begin your search for the perfect apartment, understanding what certain terms mean is essential. A rental apartment is the most popular type of apartment, where you will sign a lease for a particular period of time to your landlord. The sublet is where someone else has signed the lease but desires to lease out the space while that are not there so they can continue paying. In most cases, the sublet will be for a shorter period of time than the traditional rental lease. The Co-op is a type of housing cooperative or apartment that is owned by a corporation, which allows people to purchase the units and then either rent them out to others or live in them.

Determine if a Studio Apartment is Efficient

One of the most effective ways to save money when renting an apartment in New York is to choose a studio apartment, which is only comprised of one primary room and a separate bathroom. This essentially means that your kitchen, bedroom and living area will all occupy the same space. For a number of people, it will feel like you are living in a hotel, rather than apartment, but many others enjoy the open floor plan offered by a studio space.

There are also a number of studios that offer a loft area where you are able to place your bed in order to create a larger living space. There are also a number of creative ways that you can separate the space to create a cozier environment.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Prior to settling on the area where you want to live, it is essential that you do your research on the neighborhood. At first glance the area may seem decent, but when you begin walking down the street and getting an up-close look at the area, chances are it may be a different story.

When you use the tips explained here you can find the perfect apartment for a price you can afford in New York.

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