Three Green Spaces In Brooklyn

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Real Estate

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The right type of apartment rentals in Brooklyn may be hard to find but they are worth it. Consider the advantages of living in Brooklyn. There is access to high quality shopping, cultural attractions, the liveliness of Coney Island and a myriad of events that make your life more interesting by the moment. Yet, if you want to relax or spend some quiet time with the family or friends, Brooklyn can provide you with that as well. Just visit any of the neighborhood green spaces.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is truly one of the city’s treasures. This 52 acre stretch of land in the city is home to 22 exhibits and gardens. They cater to every single season. For spring, wander up Daffodil Hill or, as the weather warms up, to see the cherry trees in blossom at the Japanese Garden. In summer, the scents of roses blooming in the Rose Garden are intoxicating, while the Rock Garden looks great in summer and fall. For winter, go inside and visit the Desert Pavilion, the Warm Temperate Pavilion and the Tropical Pavilion.

You should also take the time to enjoy the delicate smells wafting from the Fragrance Garden and the Herb Garden. Wander through the Native Flora Garden and enjoy the beauty of Magnolia Terrace. Children will like the Children’s Garden and Discovery Garden.

Prospect Park

This park was another of the great projects undertaken by the duo or Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux. They had the chance to turn these 526 acres into something special. Stop at the Audobon Center to find out information about the park or maps for the 4 Nature Trails. Picnic beside the 526 acre lake on the Park’s east side. You can also wander through the 90 acre meadow on the Park’s west side. For the children, there is a zoo, a carousel and, during the winter, an ice rink. Catch a concert at the band shell or send your children off to be athletic at any of the several facilities available on the site.

Fort Greene Park

This was another park put together by Olmstead and Vaux. It was completed in 1867 except for a few additions throughout the years. In 1908, it became home to the unique memorial “The Prison Ship Martyr’s Monument.” It is a sobering reminder of the 11,500 Americans who died on board Prison Ships maintained by the British during the Revolutionary War.

On a far lighter note, the Park has wonderful playgrounds, tennis courts and an abundance of trees. You can walk the nature paths. If you visit on the weekend, you can buy fresh food from the Farmers’ Market.

Apartment Rentals and Park Access

If you consider apartment rentals in Brooklyn, you are giving you and your family to enjoy the sights and sounds of all that New York can bring. Yet, you can also enjoy such local pleasures as parks and gardens. Brooklyn has several increasing the chances that everyone will find a park close to home they will enjoy.

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