Thinking of buying a handgun?

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Recreation

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There are many reasons for making the decision to purchase a handgun for the first time. News reports seem to point to a dramatic increase in the number of people who are buying handguns in Schaumburg, perhaps this is for home defense or a personal weapon which is intended to be carried on ones person. Whatever the reason may be for buying a handgun, here is how to go about it:

The legality issues:’

As owning a gun is enshrined in the constitution, few Americans have any problem at all when they set out to buy Handguns Schaumburg. Once they have decided on their weapon, a visit to the gun store, paying for it, showing a piece of photo ID, filling out the form to do a background check is all that needs to be done. The background check is done by NICS; The National Instant Criminal Background Check System; the return from this agency is often times instantaneous. There are unique rules imposed by each state but those agents selling handguns in Schaumburg can advise you of all the specific requirements.


Before you actually select your weapon and pay for it, you no doubt will have decided what you want the gun for. The possible reasons for wanting a handgun are:

Target shooting: There are many handguns that are designed and manufactured expressly for competition target shooting. These weapons are all designed for fast target acquisition and follow-up shooting, very advantageous to the serious target shooter. These guns are not practical for home or personal defense, nor are they economical. Many guns used for competition are heavy, bulky and have a limited caliber.

Hunting: Hunting handguns are usually of large bore; they have a heavy frame and a long barrel for the mounting of a scope. The most common caliber used for game as large as boar or bear is the .44 Magnum. A weapon of this caliber and magnitude are very intimidating and is a good choice for home defense, but is of little value as a concealed weapon. There are single shot handguns, which can fire a bullet designed for a rifle from a gun much smaller. The recoil is furious; the loading time is time-consuming, and the target acquisition time is also long due to the optics.

Defense: For many people, a handgun is the perfect weapon for home defense. It is easier to wield than a rifle or shot-gun, and the short length makes them very maneuverable in close quarters. When purchasing handguns in Schaumburg for home defense, ask yourself:

*     Does the gun fit my hand?

*     Is the recoil caused from the load too severe for those who will use the gun?

*     Does the gun have stopping power?

The most popular caliber for home defense use is the 9mm or .38 Special. The smaller caliber weapons, although easier to handle, do not have the stopping power that will be needed should your need to fire at an intruder.


Regardless of why you want handguns in Schaumburg, the weapon that will suit you will be available from Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, KY. Handguns, long guns, accessories and ammo are always in stock.


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