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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Home And Garden |

The Importance of Tree Trimming in Richmond, VA

Trees are a vital part of the environment. It takes more than planting a tree and watching it grow to have a tree that lasts for many years on your property. There is a certain level of care trees require to retain their longevity. There are a few things homeowners need to know before planting or trimming their own tree. If you are ever unsure about how or when to trim your trees, it is best to contact a service for tree trimming in Richmond, VA.


Each cut you make on a tree could have a serious impact on its health. One cut in the wrong spot could change the growth pattern of your tree. When you hire a certified arborist to trim your trees for you, he will have a thorough understanding of where the tree should be trimmed and how. When the wrong technique is used or the technique is applied the wrong way, you can cause a lifetime of damage to your tree, possibly even causing it a premature death.


If you cause a wound on your tree, it will not heal like the wounds on a human would. A tree keeps wounds forever; it simply grows over it. The type of wound your tree experiences from incorrect trimming will depend on its severity. If the wound is severe enough, your tree might not survive.

Small Cuts

The smaller the cuts, the better off your tree is, especially if you are trimming the tree yourself. A professional service for tree trimming in Richmond, VA, will know exactly where, when and how much of the tree to trim to give it the livelihood it needs. If you attempt to trim your tree on your own, it is important to take more time making smaller cuts, rather than making large cuts and causing potential permanent harm to your tree.

Homeowners in Virginia are all trying to save money and perform certain home maintenance tasks on their own, but tree trimming is one that is best left to the professionals. There are too many mistakes that can be made, causing your tree serious and permanent harm. When you find a reputable service for tree trimming in Richmond, VA, you can trust they will work around your budget, as well as help you lengthen the life of your trees. In the long run, this will save you more money because you won’t have to purchase new trees when the trees you own do not survive your trimming.