The Best Collision Repair in Lubbock TX Will Repair Your Car to Its Factory Condition

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Automotive

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The weight on your shoulders is heavy when your car has been in a collision. It almost seems like you don’t know where to turn for help, but there is help at a Best Collision Repair in Lubbock TX. You are looking for ASE certified mechanics who have been trained and who have acquired extensive experience in body repair and painting.

Your car may need frame straightening. Your vehicle will have access to the laser measured frame straightening system. Problems with the frame will be fixed when your vehicle is placed on this high technology equipment, and your car will drive straighter than ever. The ride will be a smooth and balanced. This is a major function in restoring your car to factory specifications. The frame controls and interacts with many electronic and operational functions that affect the vehicle’s drive ability, but more importantly, it impacts how the car will react in another collision. Uni-body straightening is also one of the specialities of the frame shop.

Keep in mind that an American made luxury car has many on-board computers. Some of these computers are interactive with the frame, and the frame must be repaired with precision.

The paint services are high quality using the following equipment and products:

•  3 Down draft and bake paint booths to ensure a perfect finish

•  Computerized paint matching so the new parts match the remainder of the car.

•  Factory paint

•  Gloss coats and sealers for that extra special look.

Experienced technicians will use the state-of-the-art spot welders to repair and replace damaged structural and body parts. This process not only restores the structural integrity of the vehicle, but it ensures a better appearance of the car. All parts will fit together without gaps or misalignments. The welding equipment has many preprogrammed functions for every car that will allow the technician to obtain a near perfect welding job.

Mechanical problems caused by the accident will be repaired in the body shop, and any problem requiring special repair work will be sent to a high quality ASE mechanic. Your car will receive total care and nothing will be overlooked. Click Here for more details.



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