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Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in Business Services |

Teflon Tape is Efficient in Fixing Plumbing Problems

Teflon tape (also known as PTFE or plumber’s tape) is useful in preventing leaks and making repairs to pipe’s in a plumbing system. Many professionals and home consumers use PTFE tape in order to safeguard plumbing repairs and as a temporary solution to leakage.

PTFE tape is used in order to create a tighter seal and to that end is applied over the threads where pipe fixtures connect. When leakage occurs at the connection point between two threaded pipes, Teflon tape (which is a non-adhesive or non-sticky product) is applied over the threads in order to create a tighter and more secure fit. PTFE tape is especially handy in fixing plumbing problems for the shorter term when one lacks the resources to immediately hire a professional plumber. Often, however, plumbers will use PTFE tape as well.

When applying Teflon tape to a fixture, one usually cannot go wrong by way of overuse. Too much caution can make the use of the tape ineffectual, so it is advised by plumbing experts to wrap the threads at least four or five times. The objective is to create a heavy seal, so you may need to use more of the tape than you intuitively think you should.

When wrapping the male component, make sure you wrap it in the same direction as you will turn the female component when you connect both ends. This usually means wrapping the male component to the right, since you will be threading the female component by turning it to the right. Doing thusly enables the tape to really get into the threads and act as a sufficient seal, fixing leaks and preventing future leaks from occurring./

It should be noted that Teflon tape does not work as a seal for PVC pipes, which are usually white or gray and have a smaller diameter. PVC pipes cannot effectively be sealed with PTFE tape, and one will need to use cement to attach them well.

If you buy cheap plumber’s tape and find that it frays when you attempt to use it on your plumbing, you will need to return it or discard it. Frayed tape is not going to effectively seal plumbing connections, and is worthless in that endeavor. Sometimes it is worth it to invest in a more expensive brand that doesn’t fray.

PTFE tape is not widely used for purposes other than plumbing, through some businesses may find other uses in production techniques or operations. Tape experts can help businesses to decide what kinds of tape and supplies most efficiently fit their needs.

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