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Posted by Judie Langford on Apr 14, 2014 in Transportation and Logistics

Take Tours in Waikiki for a Guided Look at Hawaii’s Oaho Island

Take Tours in Waikiki for a Guided Look at Hawaii’s Oaho Island

Seeing all of the interesting sights in Hawaii isn’t hard when you set up a tour from a motorcoach company like V.I.P. Trans Hawaiii. These companies offer private coaches, tours, airport shuttle services, and more. They make it easy to check out the sights on Oahu and elsewhere without having to deal with renting a car or finding other transportation.

If you catch a shuttle from the airport, you can expect a traditional Hawaiian lei greeting and a quick trip to your hotel or other destination. Other shuttles take you from your hotel to points of interest and back.

Tours in Waikiki take you from that area all around the island. Check out the whole thing with a full 7-hour tour led by a professional guide/driver who will explain interesting sights, Hawaiian history, legends, and facts about Hawaii’s beautiful and unique environment. On this tour, you’ll get to stop at plenty of attractions and see sights at places like Diamond Head Lookout, the Windward Coast, the Ko’olau Mountains, and more. You’ll also see plenty of human-built sights, like the mansion-filled Kahala area, Waimanalo Hawaiian Homestead, and the place that served as the set for Jurassic Park. These are just a few of the many things you’ll see if you take the royal tour. Click here to find out more.

If a shorter tour is more your style, go for the Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City combo. You’ll be driven by King Kamehameha’s Statue at Iolani Palace, visit Hawaii’s first Christian church, see mission houses, visit the state capitol building, have a tour of Pearl Harbor, and check out other sights. This tour starts at about 7AM and lasts until around 1PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore on your own after it’s complete.

Other tours in Waikiki focus on the Windward Coast. You’ll get to take pictures at the Mac Nut Farm, but most of the tour will consist of enjoying the coast’s beauty and seeing historical locations. The high point is that this tour comes with admission to the HA Breath of Life Show at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Dinner is also available, though it is not included in the tour price. Be sure to bring your wallet along so you can enjoy the food!

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