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Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Oil and Gas |

Strategies for Saving Money on Heating Oil in Norwich, CT

Strategies for Saving Money on Heating Oil in Norwich, CT

Even when prices are low for Heating Oil in Norwich CT, as they have been during the winter of 2015-2016, homeowners still look for ways to use less oil and cut their heating expenses. A primary recommendation is to lower the thermostat before everyone leaves the house for the day. It’s easy to find online debate among consumers as to whether this strategy actually works since some claim the furnace has to work too hard to bring the temperature back up later in the day. They allege this wipes out any savings. The experts disagree and confirm that lowering the temperature by even a few degrees for six or more hours can noticeably reduce heating costs.

If the residents don’t mind cooler temperatures when they’re sleeping, the thermostat can be lowered for those hours as well. Snuggling up in some blankets or a quilt can feel cozy and bring extra satisfaction in realizing money is being saved. In addition, if someone spends a lot of time in one room during the day and the rest of the house is empty during those hours, the thermostat could be kept lower, and a space heater could be used in that room.

When the sun is shining, keeping the blinds or drapes open allows that warmth to reach the inside of the house. If the windows are old and drafty, adhering plastic to them before winter can make a big difference in money spent on Heating Oil in Norwich CT. Window plastic is very cheap, and it’s also very effective.

An organization such as Andersen Oil Company offers prepaid plans that come with discounts. Paying for the entire season’s heat upfront locks in a price and prevents having to pay higher dollar amounts per gallon if oil gets more expensive over the winter. This type of program usually offers the biggest discount. Another possible option for a discount would be a keep-fill contract, which means deliveries are made regularly without the customer calling to schedule one. Heating oil companies offer discounts for these contracts because it streamlines delivery throughout the region. Interested homeowners may click for more details on residential delivery programs.