Signs that Your Home Has Electric Problems in Wichita

by | May 29, 2015 | Electricians

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The electrical system encapsulates the home’s power. While it is designed to work without incident, the electrical system is under attack from a number of sources. Animals, rubbing wires and amateur work can put your home at risk. Sometimes, the electrical system will indicate that there is a potential problem. If you see any of these signs, you need to get your electrical system checked.

One sign that your system is having electric problems in Wichita is a constantly tripping breaker. Breakers are designed to bear a certain amount of load. Once that load is exceeded, the breakers will trip as a safety measure. If the breaker is constantly tripping, the load on the breaker is far too much for it to handle. This is an indication that the load needs to be split up or placed on separate breakers. If the breaker fails for some reason from tripping too often, the amount of heat will cause a fire.

Another sign that your system is having electric problems in Wichita is a flicker in the power. This can indicate that the protective coating is being compromised. Flickering wiring can indicate pest problems, wires that are rubbing against something or an unstable connection. The wiring will have to be traced to determine where the break in the system is occurring. If there are signs of pests, this needs to be taken care of first so that the problem does not reoccur.

A burnt smell coming from near an electrical outlet also indicates the presence of electric problems in Wichita. This sign needs to be addressed immediately. But before you call the electrician, you need to shut off the power to the area. If you aren’t sure where the smell is coming from, you should shut off the entire panel to prevent the possibility of fire. The exact area of the problem can be determined by the electrician.

These are the signs that your electrical system is presenting a danger to your home. Since many home fires originate with the electrical system, these signs of electric problems in Wichita need to be addressed as soon as possible. Your home’s safety depends on getting these problems resolved.

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