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Posted by on Apr 6, 2013 in Hotels And Motels |

Making dining reservation for large groups

Making dining reservation for large groups

Setting up a group dinner is a great way to entertain a work or social group. With proper research and planning, setting up such an event will be a great success. Just keep in mind to plan in advance, check pricing and make sure menu options are acceptable.

Make reservations well in advance if your group is larger than ten people. It can be difficult to find a restaurant in Manhattan that is capable of handling a large party without a fair amount of advance planning. This is especially the case when planning group dinners on or near a holiday. Holiday dinners, especially near the Christmas holidays, should be planned as much as three months in advance. All other group dinners should be booked at least one month in advance to ensure the restaurant of choice.

When dining out with a group of six or more, it is customary to have the tip automatically added to the bill. It is advisable, when making Group Dining Manhattan NY reservations, that you ask them about the tipping policy. They will tell you if it is added to the bill and at what percentage.

If the restaurant policy is not something that you agree with, the point when you are making the reservation is when it should be brought up. If a relatively large bill is to be expected, it would not be a bad idea to discuss a flat tip for the entire party rather than a percentage of the total bill.

Another consideration to be made when choosing a group dining experience is the menu. It is important when planning a group dinner, to take into account the tastes of the group and make sure the menu will satisfy a broad range of palates. Many restaurants, both casual and upscale, have their menu listed on their website. It is advisable to check the restaurant’s menu before making a group dining reservation. If any of the group members have communicated a food allergy, those concerns should be passed along to the restaurant manager when making the reservation. Often, restaurants will be able to accommodate food allergy requests but it is crucial to know during the planning process.