Let GPS Tracking Systems Help Your Transport Business

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Business and Economy

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In any business where transportation by road plays a major part in the day to day working of the company, it is a fair bet that the company owns, leases, or runs a number of vehicles. To maximize the investment in these vehicles, they need to be out on the road and about company business for as many hours as possible (within the laws and safety regulations regarding the number of hours per day that a driver is allowed to be behind the wheel).

Getting Maximum Use Out Of Your Company Vehicles

We all know that, despite careful driving, road accidents can and do happen; likewise, despite regular preventative maintenance, vehicles do break down occasionally; traffic conditions can also cause vehicles to be delayed en-route to their destinations; there are many legitimate reasons why the schedules and routes that you have planned for your fleet of vehicles might go awry. Fortunately, in today’s world of vehicle GPS systems, there should be no reason for any driver to claim that they “got lost” or “couldn’t find the destination”. Additionally, you may think that you know your drivers and can trust them to the hilt; but, you can never be 100% sure and it only takes one driver taking unauthorized stops or taking unauthorized routes to make a “little money on the side” to throw your carefully planned schedule into chaos.

You Have To Know Where Your Vehicles Are Located At All Times

You try to anticipate any and all of these and have contingency plans on hand; but, any one of them can catch you by surprise. So; what can you do to avoid being caught with your pants down? First, use GPS in reverse as it were to keep track of all your vehicles at all times. Second, use that information gained by your GPS Tracking Systems to better manage your fleet – the quicker you learn about a problem “on the road”; the quicker you can take corrective action.

How To Do This?

The GPS in the vehicles that the drivers use is purely to tell them where they are and to give them guidance over route selection; but, what if your managers back at Head Office could be sitting in the passenger seat as it where and see the same GPS display? To achieve this you add telematic technology to your GPS devices to turn them into vehicle GPS tracking systems. The meaning of this is that the GPS units are modified so as to be able to wirelessly connect with the computers back at base and relay the positioning information to your managers.

For everything you will need to install GPS Tracking Systems for your transportation fleet can be found at Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC; all the details can be found on their website at.

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