Items Needed by the Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Iowa City, IA

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Lawyers

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An illness or injury can create the need to see someone in the medical profession. While you expect them to do their best to fix the problem, there are times when medical mistakes are made. This can cause unnecessary problems and require extra treatment to correct the mistake. In some cases, the mistakes cannot be corrected, and the only option is to live with the mistake. But, before you file a lawsuit, you will need to have some information on hand for your lawyer.

One of the things you will need to have on hand for your Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Iowa City, IA, is the date that the problem occurred. This is important in establishing a frame of reference and in establishing the events leading up to the mistake. There is a also timeframe associated with when filing a lawsuit. If you delay long enough, the statute of limitations may run out, and your claim will not be paid.

Another thing you will need to have on hand is a copy of all of your medical records relating to the medical mistake that occurred. This includes any follow-up events that happened and any attempts to fix the problem. You should also have copies of all x-rays or other tests that were conducted during that particular time period. This will help to determine the amount of damage that has occurred from the mistake.

You should also hand over to your Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Iowa City, IA, your medical bills and other bills incurred as a result of the mistake. While insurance may pay some of these bills, there are costs incurred during recovery times, the inability to perform a job because of the mistake and other secondary expenses. This will help to determine the amount of the settlement needed so that all the costs are covered.

If you believe a medical mistake has been made, contact the Tom Riley Law Firm for more information on the types of documents you need to pursue a lawsuit. Because there is a limited filing time, you should get a consultation as soon as possible after the mistake.

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