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Posted by Judie Langford on Mar 13, 2014 in Construction and Maintenance

Improve the Beauty and Efficiency of Your Home With Vinyl Windows in Chicago

Improve the Beauty and Efficiency of Your Home With Vinyl Windows in Chicago

Home improvement is one of the largest industries in the United States and one of the more common facets of this industry is the replacement of household windows. Installing new windows in your home can quickly improve both the look of the building as well as it’s insulating capabilities. This can be very important in cooler climates like Chicago, especially when you own an older home. Older buildings often leak around the window frames which is one reason Vinyl Windows in Chicago are so popular. Vinyl provides an excellent seal between the window and the wall that restricts the flow of outside air or the release of treated inside air.

Window frames come in several types. For example, older homes were originally built with wood framed windows. These frames typically used smaller panes of glass which were easier to replace should one get broken. The next evolution in windows was the aluminium frame variety. This window was often made like the wood frame variety, but larger glass panes became more popular once aluminium became the preferred window frame material. Unfortunately, aluminium and wood frame windows don’t always age well. Wood can dry or rot over time and aluminium doesn’t handle the movement that houses endure when settling.

These window frame problems usually result in air leaking around the windows or between the frame and the wall studs. Insulating this problem can be difficult unless you find ways to cover the gaps that inevitably occur. Vinyl Windows in Chicago avoid this problem by having larger edges that surround the window and block any gaps on both the inside and the outside. Plus vinyl is a solid material that is flexible enough to ensure the seal stays in place.

Interestingly, there are two types of replacement vinyl windows that are installed by contractors like Evergreen Window. The first is an insert that replaces many aluminium style windows. This insert is used when the window frame is in good shape. However, using this method of installation will cost you some glass space. The other type of vinyl window replaces the whole window with little loss of glass. Vinyl windows are exactly like other window products with the minor exception that the frames are a bit wider. This extra material makes the frame much sturdier and the home a little safer.