How To Find The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets In Orange County CA

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Home Improvement

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There is no question that the most expensive room in the house is the kitchen. Maybe because per square foot, it is the most used room in the house. Dinners and desserts just start here, but so do good conversations and parties. An open floor plan design is popular now because creating more room in the kitchen is important for most homeowners. Having Kitchen Cabinets Orange County CA may be a great conversation starter as well as organizing tool for those long spent moments.

There are a few different ways to look at your kitchen cabinetry needs. Do you need the full cabinet which includes the box, doors and drawers? The box is what is referred to the interior of the cabinet. They can either be framed or frameless. Putting frames on the doors can create either doors or pull drawers depending on the box.

Are you looking for custom, semi-custom or stock? A custom cabinet is something you design from start to finish. Nothing about this design is stock and may take months in the making. You can specifically design your one of a kind kitchen with the best Kitchen Cabinets Orange County CA you can imagine. A semi-stock means you start with a selection and make some adjustments that are available. The stock cabinets mean they are produced in bulk and there are no customization items available. At NewForm Kitchen & More you will find the custom cabinet masterpieces with unique European styles and the best craftsmanship.

Typically a cabinet that you see in a kitchen is comprised of a veneer on the inside and have a natural wood on the outside. The purpose of the veneer on the inside means that you save money, weight and get a flatter panel then if you went with 100% wood. The veneers that comprise the inner part of the cabinet are either melamine, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, oriented strand board or other specialty products.

What covers the veneer on the outside is where the majority of the price of your cabinet will come from. Types of wood that are less expensive are paint grade such as birch, poplar or maple. A little more costly wood includes red oak, hickory, and cherry and maple becoming the more expensive of the moderate woods. The most expensive woods are mahogany and walnut.

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