How To Best Value A Bathroom Remodeling Service In Farmington

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Plumbing

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One area of the home where you can recoup approximately 80% to 90% of the cost of an improvement if you decide to sell your property would be in the bathroom. For instance, if you spend an average $30,000 to remodel this room in the home you can expect to increase the value close to $24,000 to $27,000. While not ever remodel of a bathroom fits into the average price, you can either increase the remodel costs or decrease depending on the needs you have.

Take an extensive look into the costs breakdown for bathroom remodeling service in Farmington, CT to get a more accurate cost analysis. You can easily see where the $30,000 for a remodel costs is broken down, or more simply put, an average of $250 per square foot. What is not included in this breakdown however, is the conversion from older plumbing fixtures behind the walls to a more trustworthy material such as copper. For about twenty years in the home building construction business there was a tendency to use other materials for plumbing such as PVC, PEX or even alternative plastic tubing, but it is not as efficient or reliable as copper. This unfortunately, is not a cost that can be easily recouped in a home sale.

If you are planning on staying in the home and want the assurance of trusty plumbing, copper is a safe bet. Every city and state jurisdiction will be different when it comes to exact estimates. Specifically, your area in Connecticut may offer discounts for water conservation. You can typically buy and relocate a new toilet for under $300 including the two hour labor costs to install the toilet, but your local ordinances may offer a rebate to consider. The same can be said of your shower fixtures and sink. While the rough estimate of the average $30,000 is a great place to start, you may be able to shave off significant savings depending on your local rebates or inventory.

As with any home improvement job, whether you use a general contractor or you plan on being the foreman of the operation, ask for three separate estimates. This will give you an honest cost breakdown of all your plumbing, fixture and hourly labor rates. Visit website of your local contractors and hardware dealers to confirm prices.

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