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Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Lawyers |

Helping Your Traffic Accident Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

Helping Your Traffic Accident Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

Car accidents happen every day. The problem many accident victims encounter is finding the insurance company doesn’t provide them with the full value of the vehicle. They are left with a bill to pay once the claim has been settled, and they still have to find new transportation. How can you help your traffic accident lawyer in Jefferson County, MO maximize the claim so you don’t have to pay out of pocket?

Ensure the lawyer understands all the damage that was sustained. This may require that more than one company assess the vehicle to determine the damages. Insurance adjusters may come in and look at the car, but this doesn’t mean the vehicle owner can’t take the car somewhere else also. Don’t let the adjuster minimize the damage to pay out less money.

If any aftermarket equipment has been added to the car and it was damaged in the accident, make sure this is included in the claim. Provide receipts for the items to ensure the fair market value is accurately determined. In addition, check the amount needed to replace these items now. The insurance company may be required to pay this amount, depending on the wording of the policy.

Provide information on any rental cars that had to be secured as a result of the accident. The insurance company should reimburse for expenses such as this as they are directly related to the claim.

Record any and all communications with other parties involved in the insurance claim. This includes not only those communications with the insurance company but also any medical providers involved in the case, any lawyers for the other driver’s insurance company, and more. This information will be of aid as the lawyer goes to prepare the case, as he or she can contact these parties and obtain valuable information.

Speak to a traffic accident lawyer in Jefferson County, MO, to learn more about how you can be of help with the case. The sooner an attorney is retained, the less likely information will be lost. Contact today to discuss your case. They’ll be happy to evaluate it and tell you how they can be of help.