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by | Feb 10, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Dog bites are never okay, especially when a child or elderly person is seriously injured by a neighbor’s pet. Irresponsible pet owners who let their dogs run free or who do not train them properly can be held liable when their dog bite or attacks. If you are injured by a neighbor’s dog, it is important to talk to a Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorney in Corona, CA as soon as possible after you receive medical care.

By contacting an attorney right away, your lawyer can gather all of the necessary information while it is still fresh in everyone’s mind. If there were witnesses to the attack or other victims, a lawyer or investigator can collect their statements before they forget about what happened or are no longer available to give a statement.

Whether you were attacked while playing with the animal or you were just passing by and were bitten by an unleashed dog, the dog’s owner is responsible for your injuries. In many cases, a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the costs of an injury caused by a pet. However, if the insurance company considers the animal to be part of a vicious breed, it may be excluded from coverage and the owner may be personally responsible for your medical costs.

When you hire a Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorney in Corona, CA right away, your attorney can determine whether the pet owner’s insurance policy will cover the costs. In cases where there is no insurance coverage, your attorney may begin a lawsuit to force the dog owner to pay your medical bills.

You should not take responsibility for your’s or your child’s injuries when a dog attacks. It is always the pet owner’s fault for not controlling their animal. Your only concern should be getting the proper treatment for the injures caused by the dog. Allow your attorney to handle all of the legal and insurance matters while you focus on recovery. If you need a specialist, including a plastic surgeon, to treat your injuries caused by a dog bite or attack, your attorney can help you get the care your need.

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