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Posted by Judie Langford on Jan 22, 2014 in Shopping

Expand Your Taste Experience With Mexican Candy

There are literally hundreds of different types of Mexican candy available through online Mexican food websites as well as in local Mexican grocery stores. Depending on where you live you may have difficulty finding a Mexican grocery store, so online shopping offers you the perfect solution.

Online shopping for Mexican candy doesn’t mean you have to shop with a company located south of the border and have to wait while your package clears customs. You can actually order from Mexican food importers that will ship your goods right from the United States, speeding up the deliver and shortening your wait time.

To get started, and if you have never tried Mexican candy before, you may want to order a few different sample or combo packs. These will provide you with the option to try a few of many different varieties, and then you can order more of your favorites the next time you shop online.

Mexican Chocolates

Mexican chocolate is rich and delicious and one of the most popular types of Mexican candy. Chocolate is grown and processed in Mexico and its use dates back to some of the earliest civilizations in South America. The flavor of Mexican chocolate is much richer than many of the milk chocolates popular in the United States.

The texture of chocolate produced in Mexico is a bit grainer than other types of chocolate and it is typically flavored with vanilla and cinnamon as well as almond extract or almonds.

Salty and Spicy

Traditional flavors of Mexican candy, particularly the hard candy types, tend to be less sweet than other types of candy. Instead, these candies tend to have a combination of a salty and spicy flavor that is perfect after a big meal or as a treat between meals.

Tamarind or tamarindo candy is very popular and features a pronounced spicy, sweet, sour and slightly salty taste that is truly one of a kind. Tamarind candy is very popular as a chewy treat that carries a wide range of flavors.

Mexican candy, with all its flavors and varieties, is a great addition to any pantry. With many different options it is a good idea to try a variety of traditional options and new varieties until you discover your own personal taste preferences.