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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Construction and Maintenance |

Dealing with Smoke Damage

Smoke is very hazardous as it causes irritation to the respiratory system and it also affects vision. If a house has been on fire, the smell of smoke is usually very unpleasant. No matter how small the damage was, you can only stay and sleep peacefully if this smell has been eliminated. Smoke also causes damage to property and as a result there is always the need to clean up immediately so that the items can be useful again. Depending on the extent of the smoke damage Vancouver WA, one can clean up by themselves or hire a professional company to do it.

If it is only a small part of a room that was affected by the fire, then one can do the cleaning without involving an expert. This would involve wiping off the surfaces with Tri- Sodium Phosphate and them vacuuming to remove the bad air. A deodorizer can be used if the smell is still there after cleaning.

If the smoke damage was extensive, then it is important to involve and expert. Professional restoration companies have an in-depth understanding and experience in handling such situation. The surfaces affected by the smoke will tarnish if they are not cleaned immediately. The expert firm usually cleans these surfaces within a day so as to avoid permanent stains.

Smoke damage also affects the quality of the air. Unlike the case of smaller tragedies where one can get rid of the smell using deodorizer, more complex strategies are required after a big fire. Restoration companies are conversant with the different techniques that can be used to purify the air depending on the setting of the premises.

Professional services would also be necessary because smoke usually penetrates to hidden areas. If you do the cleaning by yourself, you might miss out some spots affected by the smoke damage. For example, it may have penetrated the water pipes, thus if not cleaned you will end up drinking contaminated water. An expert in this field will examine all the areas in the house and identify the ones that were affected by the smoke.

Smoke damage clean up may also involve replacement of some of the structures. There are some items that are hard to clean once they get smoke stains and even if they are cleaned they will still have stains. The contractor will identify what needs to be replaced and what can be cleaned. They will then design a plan to clean up the surfaces without leaving any smoke or causing any more harm.

Companies that offer smoke damage Vancouver WA clean up services are usually up to date with the current cleaning techniques. Thus you can feel confident in hiring one to clean up your house after a fire.