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Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Business |

CNC Machining Centers – The Vertical Editions

Manufacturing equipment that removes metal using an automated system is called a machining center. If the machining center is under computer numerical control (CNC) it is preceded by the letters CNC. CNC machining centers are a clear example of vertical machining centers. They are sophisticated examples of machines that are capable of multi-tasking. While there are horizontal machining centers, vertical machining is associated directly with CNC machining centers.

What Are Vertical Machining Centers?

What both horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers have in common is a fixed work piece. While the work piece rotates in a turning machine, it remains set in place on a machining center. The action of the knife is also reversed. The knife in CNC machining centers moves while it remains fixed in a turning machine or centers.

Vertical machine centers (VMC) are machining centers with the spindle oriented vertically. Depending upon their model and make, they can be high-end machines that are known for their precision. They can also be precise but less expensive makes intended to provide first time buyers with a chance to see what machining centers can do.

What are the Advantages of Vertical CNC Machining Centers?

VMC are favored by many machine shops for a number of reasons. They include:


  • Cost – In general, VMCs are less expensive than their horizontal counterparts
  • Size – They are usually small in size making them lighter and even portable
  • Flat Work – They are great with flat work but may require attachments which can add to the base cost
  • CNC – Like others with this feature, it makes CNC machining centers easy to operate and involves less supervision and employees to operate
  • Updating – CNC can be updated to improve basic technology performance and production

What Are the Disadvantages of CNC Machining Centers?

One of the major complaints about VMC is the issue of the piling up of chips that may interfere with the action of the cutting tools. Some do not like the size and perceive it as being unable to be as effective as a horizontal machining center in certain situations. As is the case with any tool or CNC machining center, what you and your clients need should dictate what you decide to purchase. To ignore these two criteria will negatively impact on your ability to run a successful business.

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