Choosing Between Dry and Steam Carpet Cleaning

by | May 7, 2014 | Home Improvement

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There are many different methods of cleaning a carpet, and most people are familiar with the shampoo method. However, with the advancement of technology, carpet cleaning companies in Calgary now offer different methods of carpet cleaning. This is great for people who don’t want to use the shampoo method, and it works really well for commercial businesses that need carpet cleaning services that don’t require a long drying time. When it comes time to make your decision, it’s best to understand what each method entails and why it works to clean your carpets. Two commonly used methods are dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

It may seem that dry carpet cleaning isn’t possible. You may be wondering how a carpet can be cleaned without the use of water or liquid soaps. With dry cleaning methods, carpet cleaning companies use what is known as a very low moisture cleaning system. So, there is some moisture used to clean the carpets, but the amount is so low that it seems like the carpet is being cleaned without the use of water.

To clean the carpet, a technician sprays the carpet with a cleaning compound. This compound works to dissolve dirt buildup, making it easier for the cleaning system to remove dirt and debris. Once the spray sets for a bit, the cleaning technician goes over it with a brush machine that loosens all the dirt and removes it from the carpet. This is a great option for commercial businesses, because the low moisture allows you to walk on the carpets immediately following a cleaning without worrying about saturation or dragging extra dirt into wet carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Many carpet cleaning companies recommend steam carpet cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning because it uses hot water extraction to remove dirt and debris. While there’s really no steam involved, it’s called this because very hot water is used ad then vacuumed up simultaneously to pull dirt from carpet fibers. A preconditioning treatment is used to help loosen the dirt in soiled areas, but people who want to avoid the use of any detergents or chemicals can request steam cleaning using only hot water. Because the temperature is so high, the water is effective at removing soiled areas and sanitizing the carpet at the same time. It does take around 24-hours to dry, but it’s a great option for homes because it works on most carpet fibers.

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