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Posted by Judie Langford on Jul 30, 2014 in Construction and Maintenance

Chimney Cleaning in Bergen County NJ Keeps the Home Fires Burning Safe and Clean

Nothing is more inviting than a warm fire on a cool evening, and nothing is worse than having the beautiful flames spark a chimney fire, putting the structure and your family at risk. The work of the chimney sweep is to clean the soot, debris and creosote from the inside of your chimney. Creosote is a byproduct of the combustion process and a buildup of creosote can cause chimney fires as well as make your wood stove or fireplace operate ineffectively.

Chimney Cleaning in Bergen County NJ should be performed once a year and sometimes more often if a fireplace or stove is the only source of heat. The latest equipment should be used by the chimney sweep to make sure that when the chimney sweep has done his job, the fireplace is safe to enjoy again.

Excess build up of materials inside of you chimney can also reduce the drag and create a fire that is inefficient and even throw smoke and debris back into the room. Sometimes animals will make nests in chimneys and on rooftops that interfere with the operation of the fireplace or wood stove. Natural weather events can also breakdown the structures of a chimney so the yearly cleaning and inspection is a wise investment.

In addition to cleaning chimneys, a chimney service should also do a complete inspection to make sure that the various components of the chimney are in good working order. If a fireplace or stove does not seem as efficient as it once was, it might be time to get a thorough inspection of the entire heating system. Remember that any holes in a chimney can spell disaster if the byproducts of combustion, deadly gasses, seep into areas of the home. CO2 doesn’t smell and you can’t see it, but it is a gas that can silently kill. When contracting for Chimney Cleaning in Bergen County NJ, have your chimney inspected by an insured and licensed expert. It’s one way to protect your family from this silent killer and to guard against chimney fires.

All American Chimney and Duct Cleaning Inc. is available to clean, inspect, rebuild and maintain your chimney. They offer 24 hour emergency service as well. Keeping a chimney properly cleaned and in good repair is part of the maintenance of your home. Keeping up on cleanings and repairs will save dollars and perhaps even save a family from an experiencing a tragedy.