Benefits To Visiting A Vapor Store Instead Of A Cigarette Store

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Cigar Shop

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You don’t have to go far or look very hard to find someone or something telling you that smoking tobacco is harmful. Many smokers wish they didn’t smoke and their families would agree. Most smokers love the physical movement of smoking and because nicotine gum doesn’t offer that hand-to-mouth motion, many smokers stick to the cigarette. There is an alternative, however, and it comes in the form of electronic cigarettes. Here are a few benefits that e-cigarettes offer that regular cigarettes can’t.

No Odors or Staining

The biggest complaint for both non-smokers and avid smokers is the pungent odor that tobacco smoke emits. Cigarette smoke permeates wherever it is and is impossible to get out of clothing, skin and furniture. Another complaint is that cigarettes stain both teeth and fingers. Alternatively, e-cigarettes emit no odor from the vapors and because the device is plastic and has no tobacco, there are no staining effects. Any Vapor Store you visit can offer flavors to choose from, but they’ll all tell you that the vapors don’t have any smell.

Cheaper and Safer

It’s no secret that tobacco prices are sky high with all of the taxation and regulations involved in its sale. Cigarette manufacturers must tell smokers of the health risks involved and the thousands of ingredients that come in each pack. Alternatively, with e-cigarettes the initial cost is a little pricy, but the residual supplies are much less expensive.

E-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to the regular tobacco cigarette. There is no fire hazard or harmful chemicals being inhaled with an e-cigarette. Most e-cigarettes have around 20 ingredients (none including harmful chemicals) as opposed to a tobacco cigarette, which has around 4,000 ingredients, most of which should never be put in the body.

No Second-Hand Smoke

Arguably the best reason e-cigarettes are a wonderful alternative is because there is no risk of second-hand smoke to those around you. Studies have shown that second-hand smoke is more dangerous than first-hand smoking because there is no filter, but with an e-cigarette the smoker is inhaling a vapor with no emitting chemical residue.

Being a smoker doesn’t mean you have to deal with the constant odors and stains involved in tobacco smoke. You no longer have to fear you are harming others around you and any Vapor Store like can give you lots of different smoking flavor options that can make smoking an even tastier experience.

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