Advantages of Seeing a Dentist for Implants in Verona

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Dental Services

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People who have missing teeth may find they feel less attractive due to their missing teeth. In addition, being without teeth can make it difficult to eat, speak and, sometimes, smile as well. Because these issues can have a negative affect on a person’s daily life, it is important for them to seek a professional who provides Dentist Implants in Verona.

Many people who have missing teeth may not want to have them replaced because they do not want dentures. Dentures are often difficult for people to wear due to their fit not being correct and creating friction on the gums. This can causes pain for a patient, and embarrassment if the dentures accidentally slip or fall out of their mouth.

While dentures could create these types of issues, Dentist Implants in Verona do not. This is because dental implants are created in a way that is more like the patient’s natural teeth. In the dental implant process, the dentist will surgically implant a metal rod into the patient’s jawbone. This rod will stay in place for a period of weeks so it can bond with the jawbone. Once this is completed, the rod will become stable and secure in the mouth. This is much similar in design to the roots of natural teeth.

After the implant is secure, the dentist can then permanently attach dental appliances designed to look like a person’s teeth. These can include crowns for single teeth, bridges for multiple teeth, or even a complete upper or lower denture if all the teeth are missing.

Because the dental implants are designed in this way, they will often look and feel more natural. This generally means the patient will not have issues speaking or eating with their new teeth. This can be a great advantage.

Anyone dealing with tooth loss should see a dentist about treatment options for their issues. By using an option like dental implants, a patient can have a smile which looks great and does not cause pain or other issues. This can be a great improvement in the person’s life. For more information, please Click here.

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