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Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Lawyer |

A Car Accident Lawyer in Harford County Can Help When Pain Didn’t Occur Until Later

In many cases, a person who has been in a vehicle accident doesn’t feel that he’s experienced an injury, but pain, stiffness and other symptoms appear a day or even several days later. In the meantime, this individual has told law enforcement officials, witnesses at the scene, and several people he knows that he’s perfectly fine and doesn’t need any medical care. If it becomes apparent that he actually has some type of back or neck injury that is now resulting in debilitating pain, he wonders whether he can receive any financial compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A car accident lawyer in Harford County can help, starting with a free consultation and case evaluation.

This person may never have imagined needing to ask for an insurance company settlement, but now he has no other idea what to do. He is going to have medical expenses for X-rays and treatment by an osteopathic doctor, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, or all three. He may not have health insurance, or he may have a high deductible. In addition, if the pain is severe, he may be unable to work. That means loss of income. To obtain the compensation he deserves, he may contact a car accident lawyer in Harford County for assistance.

Although it’s better if a person doesn’t tell everybody that he feels fine after an accident and then changes his mind later, insurance companies know that evidence of an injury sometimes does not appear immediately. In fact, it’s common for the discomfort to first appear many hours later, as the person may have some level of mental shock and disorientation that lingers until the next morning. Then, after seven or eight hours of sleep, the body has developed stiffness from the injury, and attempting to move causes pain.

If the at-fault driver’s insurance company refuses to pay any compensation, a firm such as the Law Offices of Daniel J. Earnshaw will provide legal representation. The client provides all medical records and diagnostics to prove that professional health care practitioners have verified the injury and the need for treatment. The lawyer presents all supportive evidence to the insurance company and requests a reasonable amount of money. A person who needs this type of assistance may.