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Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in Eye Care |

What You Need to Know About Eye Exams in ST Paul MN

Many individuals don’t consider the health of their eyes to be as important as the health of other parts of the body. Even when you have enhanced health, it’s advised to get yearly Eye Exams in St Paul MN. This should be done more frequently when you have eye problems or your regular physician recommends it. By knowing the protocol of a typical eye exam, you can prepare yourself mentally and develop a mindset conducive to receiving proper vision care.

A comprehensive eye exam entails examinations that will assess the potential for or presence of eye diseases. These tests will also evaluate the condition of your vision. Depending on whether you see a ophthalmologist or optometrist, the professional you choose will ask you questions about your vision history and medical history. This will take place during the consultation prior to the examination. Some questions your health care professional may ask include:

• Which medications are you taking?

• Do you have a family history of eye diseases?

• Have you ever had eye problems?

• Do you spend long hours in front of your computer, television, or other electronic device?

You may be asked to supply your vision records from a previous vision care provider. This should be done before your eye exam. You will also be asked about your diet and daily activities to determine if these contribute to an eye problem you may have.

After a consultation, your eye care professional will likely perform these tests

• an eye movement test to confirm that your eyes are in proper placement

• a cover test to assess the ability of your eyes to coordinate their functionality

• an external exam to evaluate the outside of your eyes

• a pupillary reaction test to see how your pupils respond to light and objects at nearby

• a glaucoma test to detect the presence of increased fluid pressure.

by getting regular eye exams in St Paul MN, you can prevent vision problems and stop the progression of eye conditions. This will enable you to get effective treatment so your eyes can enjoy optimal eye health. For more information on eye exams, please consult an expert at Dakota Eye Care Associates. This practice can handle many services including eye exams, low vision care, and contact lenses.