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What to Look for in a Jaguar Shop in Fairfax

What to Look for in a Jaguar Shop in Fairfax

Buying a Jaguar is an important investment. Because these cars are luxury cars, they require special care the typical car doesn’t require. Therefore, you need to make sure you take it to a Jaguar shop in Fairfax that is equipped to handle this brand of car without causing more problems. Knowing what you should look for before you need to take your car in for service or repair will help you feel more at peace that your car is in good hands.

Mechanic Pay

It may seem unusual to consider how the mechanics are paid at a shop, but this can greatly impact the level of service you receive. For instance, if you go to a shop that pays on commission, the mechanics are more likely to look for additional problems or suggest service you don’t really need. However, when you choose a shop that pays a salary, they will most likely finish the work you need and nothing more, helping you save money while getting the service you need.


Another important characteristic in the right Jaguar shop in Fairfax is whether they are trained specifically to work on Jaguars. This means more than being certified Jaguar mechanics. The shop should also possess the right equipment to work on this type of car effectively, as well as use brand name parts to make repairs. This will ensure your Jaguar runs exactly the way it is supposed to after the repair has been completed.


You shouldn’t always have to pay full price for all the service and repairs your Jaguar needs over the years. A good shop will reward its customers by providing them with specials at various times of the year. These specials will make it more affordable for you to complete the needed service and repairs so you don’t run your car into the ground faster than it should happen. Proper care for your car is essential to protecting your investment.

Before you choose just any mechanic to perform the repairs and service your Jaguar needs, look into the Jaguar shop in Fairfax you are considering. When you choose the right shop, you can rest assured your car will return to you in the proper condition after they work on it. Some of the things you should look for include how the mechanics are paid, what training and tools they possess and whether they offer specials on their work.

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