Simple Advantages In Choosing Medication Blister Packs

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Pharmaceutical Packaging

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The typical consumer doesn’t stop to consider why some medications are sold in bulk and why some are individually packaged in medication blister packs. As the pharmaceutical company, choosing the type of packaging for medication is based on several different factors.

There are advantages to specific types of packaging for specific over the counter or prescriptions medications. Choosing the right option not only makes it a better option for you as the producer, but it can also make things easier for the patients that are buying or being prescribed the medication.

By making medications easier for patients to take, it increases confidence in prescribing the medication by doctors, particularly for specific groups of patients. This could include the elderly where managing prescription medication is a very big concern both for pharmacists as well as for healthcare professionals.

Ease in Mobility

For people traveling, or those that need to take medications during the day, blister packs offer a level of convenience not possible with medications sold in larger bulk types of bottles. Even with the use of pill boxes, which are also bulky and difficult to carry, medications can be damaged in transit, but with medication blister packs the pills stay protected in their own individual wrapping.

Avoid Damage to Medications

One of the big advantages to any type of blister packs for any product is the ability to prevent damage to the items protected by the packaging. With bulk containers of pills, there may be pills that are damaged or broken, which can make consumers uncomfortable with using the medication.
With the blister packs, each pill is completely protected from rubbing and abrasion with other medications and the sides of the bottle or container. The result is that each pill looks the same, and there is less concern by consumers with issues such as dust or layers of powder in the container and on the pills.

Less Storage Space

New options in streamlined medication blister packs and secondary packaging mean that there is less storage space needed for medications. With different colors and labeling on the blister pack, it is also much easier to identify different medications, reduction the risk of simply grabbing the wrong bottle and not reading the fine print on the label.

While blister packs may not be as low-cost as bulk pill bottles, they do offer an advantage for over the counter and prescription medications. With easy identification and protection of the medications, they are an option well worth considering.

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