Rexnord Couplings Work for Across Many Industry’s

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Bearing Supplier

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Rexnord has been working with the energy industry for many years now. They have couplings that are created and designed for the workings of the energy world, primarily oil and natural gas. The energy industry is so big in Louisiana and Rexnord understands that. None of the energy plants every wants to be down because broken coupling. It is important that in this industry parts like couplings are working that their maximum potential at all times. Rexnord couplings Louisiana is one of the markets top brand leaders.

Energy Industry

In Louisiana, there is everything from gas and steam turbines to offshore petroleum and natural gas industries. Also power plants and refineries are all places that need strong, durable couplings to connect pipes and gears. These are not the places where you want cheap, rusted, or broken couplings. In the energy industry for these large machines to work, there are several moving parts that make the whole thing work together. One failed part in the gears or couplings, and it could affect the whole machine. It is important that the couplings and parts work in the harsh conditions and under the various circumstances that can arise in the energy industry. When it is time to replace the coupling you want to make sure the company you get your couplings from can provide you with the type of coupling that keeps your downtime to a minimum at the time of service. Rexnord couplings Louisiana provide these types of parts.

Across Many Industry

There are several types of Rexnord couplings Louisiana. Which one you use depends on what you are trying to secure and what industry you are in. Rexnord couplings Louisiana are not just for the energy industry. No matter your industry you want to make sure your couplings meet every standard and requirement set forth by regulations and industry standards. Regardless of the industry, the couplings you use should have a low mass and high torque and speed capabilities. You want a part that has been tested to work, so you know that your transmission or turbine is working at its optimum level. Couplings come in different sizes depending on the machine it is attempting to propel and balance. The right coupling is going to be the one that is made of long-lasting materials with precision and thought of the machine it is being made for.

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