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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Windows and Doors |

Properly Maintaining Your Overhead Garage Door In Sterling VA

The garage is a place that we rely on for a number of things. From storing our prized vehicles, to acting as the workshop for various projects around the house, there is no denying how important they are. And what would a garage be without a garage door? Among the various designs of the garage door, the Overhead Garage Door Sterling VA is the most popular. And due to the amount of use that these innovative devices receive on an annual basis, they can in fact, become susceptible to wear and tear. As somebody interested in properly attending to their overhead door to ensure that it remains functional year round, consider the below maintenance tips.

Secure All Connections

One of the easiest ways in which to adequately maintain your Overhead Garage Door Sterling VA is to secure all of the connections. Each time your garage door gets used, the various nuts and bolts that connect the hardware get jumbled around and unscrewed slightly. Over time, the connections can become loose, ultimately putting your garage door at risk, as well as creating a safety hazard for you if left unchecked for long enough. To neutralize this, simply check the various bolts on an annual basis and tighten them back down.

Track Inspection

In addition to the connections, you also want to inspect the track of your garage door. Overhead doors run on a track system where the garage door is pulled by a chain each and every time it is in use. As it gets pulled, wheels that connect to the underside of it run up and down a track. If these wheels become dislodged, even slightly, the entire system could malfunction or perform poorly. To negate this, take a quick look at least once a year to confirm that all of the wheels are in place and that the tracks are free from debris.

Caring for your overhead garage door is a simple task. By taking the time every year to perform the above maintenance measures, you will ensure that your door performs well year in and year out, becoming a reliable piece of machinery that will last far longer than if you neglected maintenance.