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Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in Home Builder |

Looking For Resale Homes For Sale vs Building A Custom Home

Looking For Resale Homes For Sale vs Building A Custom Home

When a person is financially ready to buy a home, they have a decision to make. They have to decide if they are going to look for resale Homes For Sale or if they are going to have a home custom built. Of the two options, having a home built has more benefits.

Everything On the “Must Have” List

When a person thinks about their dream home, there are often certain things that they are looking for. Some things on the list could include a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a dedicated office space, or a first-floor laundry room. If the individual buys a resale home, it can be difficult to find everything on their “must have” list. When a home is custom-built, the individual will be able to make sure it has everything on the list.

Control Over the Floor Plan

Most people have a particular floor plan in mind. If the individual decides to buy a resale home, it can be challenging to find the floor plan they are looking for. When a custom home is built, the individual will have complete control of the floor plan.

Turn-Key Condition

When a person buys a resale home, there are likely going to be things they don’t like and want to change. The problem could be with the color of the walls, the type of flooring in the home, or an outdated kitchen. If they choose to buy a resale home, more money will need to be spent to make the necessary changes. If the individual has a home built, everything will be done to their specifications.

Inheriting the Former Owner’s Issues Won’t Be a Problem

One of the most significant downsides of buying a resale home is that the buyer will be inheriting the problems in the home. If the individual has a custom home built, they won’t need to worry about any issues because everything will be new.

When it comes to choosing between looking at resale Homes For Sale and having a custom home built, the individual should consider all of the benefits of having a home built. For more information, contact Lancia Homes. You can join us at Linkedin.