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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Lawyers |

How to Find A Lawyer for Your Case

When you are in a legal situation and not sure what to do, what you can do or how to handle the situation then the best advice can come from a lawyer. To begin to locate a lawyer a great start would be asking friends and relatives and co-workers if they have used or heard of a trustworthy lawyer. If they have great recommendations then add them to the list of lawyers to contact, if they have anything to say negative about a lawyer then make a list of those names as well. That way you know not to call on them. You want an experienced well-known helpful lawyer.

Of your list of names you need to find out if the lawyer is practicing in the type of legal affair you have. You don’t need a divorce lawyer if you are facing a DUI charge. When contacting a lawyer that doesn’t handle the field you need then ask for a referral, they will gladly offer names of those lawyers to contact.

Of your list of possible lawyers you will want to contact them as ask if they would meet with you, offer to speak with you about your legal issue, a brief meeting or first time consultation maybe free or a small fee for you to pay. In this meeting the lawyer will listen to your issue and offer a brief opinion of the case. You can use this opportunity to get a feel for how the lawyer will help you or if he is interested in taking the case. If you are not impressed with the lawyer then you know not to proceed with him. This meeting may give you information that will tell you the next steps to take and if legal proceedings are actually needed.

When you have decided on the lawyer you would like to work with you will want to find out how he charges for his services. The consultation rates may be different than court time; it’s a good idea to find out his charges and how much he anticipates your charges to be. If you find you cannot afford a private lawyer then you can contact your local department or defense attorney’s office to see if you qualify for representation, you may even qualify for pro bono services.

In regards to charges your lawyer will have you want to know about his retainer fee, hourly fee, fixed fees, or any cost advances. A retainer fee is a payment upfront to “reserve” your lawyer for your case. An hourly fee will be a fee paid based on how many hours he spends on your case. A fixed fee would be a certain amount of money for certain services. A cost advance is given to the lawyer to pay for ongoing expenses for your litigation. Finding a lawyer can take some time. Ask any and all questions upfront and trust the lawyer you hire to help you.

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