How Can Dental Implants in Louisville Give Your Smile New Life?

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Dentist

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One of the biggest cosmetic and functional issues people face with their smile is having missing teeth. When you have missing teeth, you do not feel whole. Many people find it difficult to eat and have full function of their teeth. If you are dealing with missing teeth, you no longer have to rely on partials to provide a temporary replacement for your issue. Through Dental implants in Louisville, your smile can be restored and you can have more confidence than you ever thought was possible.

How Does the Dentist Put Dental Implants In Your Mouth?

When it comes time for you to have Dental implants in Louisville, you will need to have a surgical procedure, to first place the metal anchors. Each anchor is crafted from titanium, because it is able to fuse with your bone. The anchors are screwed down into your jawbone and then you will need to go through a healing process. It takes several weeks for the anchors to thoroughly bond with your bone tissue. This step of the process is most important because the anchors need to be strongly seated so they can hold your artificial teeth and make them fully functioning.

Once you have completely healed, you will come back to the dentist for a second appointment. This is the time you will get your new teeth. These teeth are crafted from a special dental resin and are available in all types of shapes, colors and styles. They can replace any tooth you have missing, at any place in your mouth. Since these teeth look and perform so naturally, no one will know they are not your own natural teeth.

It is important for you to listen to your dentist’s advice for caring for your new teeth, so they will stay looking beautiful for many years to come. Finally, you will have the smile you have longed for and added confidence like never before. To see if you might be a good candidate for dental implants, contact Moore Smiles and schedule your appointment right away. They can provide you with the best dental care services, for your oral care or smile restoration needs.


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