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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Locks and Safes |

Home Safes in Staten Island Keep Valuables and Cash Secure

Many people are concerned about keeping enough money on hand in the event of a financial crises or natural disaster. For some people it means have cash on hand, while others have small gold coins and bars that they can use to make purchases. Some women like to wear their emergency fund in the form of 18K gold bracelets and platinum rings. Whatever form of currency they prefer, they all need one of the Home Safes in Staten Island to keep their belongings secure.

While no one should ever admit to keeping large amounts of money or valuables in their home, people may infer their strategies. Therefore they need a home safe that is difficult to break into or be carried off. Often people hide a home safe in a closet, wall, or floor. The longer that a thief has to look for a safe, the more chance that they will trip an alarm or be noticed. Every home safe can be opened. It’s just a matter of how long it takes. Safes are actually rated by the amount of time that the average thief will take to crack it open.

Floods are a common natural disaster. If the home is located in the flood plain, then it’s a good idea to get one that is waterproof. It should be located in one of the upper floors for added protection. Homeowners often want their important papers in their safe as well. That way they can have their passports and birth certificates at the ready, if they need to take to the road.

Fire is a common disaster that can be caused by a resident of the home or a nearby camp fire. It’s important for a homeowner to protect valuables from melting or being turned to ashes. They should work with a professional from the safe company to determine which safe is the best choice for their situation.

Homeowners should be careful to work with well-respected companies that carefully vet their employees. A dishonest employee could use information themselves to break into a home or sell that information to professional burglars.