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Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Boat Dealer |

Buying A Dream Boat At Pontoon Boats Rochester

History tells us the first pontoon motor boat in the U.S. was built by a Minnesota farmer in 1952. Ambrose Weeres lived near the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes, and put a wooden platform on two columns of steel barrels welded together. Weeres thought his idea might be marketable. He was right, and Weeres Industries was born.

Today, the pontoon industry offers a wide variety of models of boats. There are different layouts, designs and colors. Some boaters want comfort and others want speed. Many companies will personalize the boat for the buyer. Pontoon Boats Rochester says the boats are used for recreation and fishing. Some people, even, turn them into house boats. Pontoons are famous for comfort on the water with big couches, lounges and swivel seats. They’re also versatile–the ride can be slow, lazy and economically priced with smaller engines. And, you can purchase pontoons with more horse power. You’ll still have comfort, but you’ll have power for skiing and tubing.

Purchasers need to get advice from Pontoon boats Rochester as to what size you need. For two to six people, a eighteen to twenty foot boat will work; for six to ten people, you’ll need a twenty-two to twenty-four foot pontoon boat. If you have ten or more people, consider a twenty-four foot and larger boat.

Pontoon boats are made out of a variety of materials:

* Plastic encased foam pontoon boats are cheapest. Due to their light weight, you can save money on fuel. They come in a wide variety of colors. One of the negatives to the plastic is the boat damages easily.You can repair the boat–but underwater damage is difficult to repair.

* Fiberglass pontoons eliminate worry about rust or salt water damage. Fiberglass pontoons are watertight but are still susceptible to underwater damage from rocks or metal.

* Pontoons also come in aluminum. Aluminum pontoons are sturdy and more dent resistant. But, keep in mind that aluminum has to be cleaned regularly to avoid corrosion.

Whatever the choice, you’ll enjoy laying back in a swivel chair and traveling down the river. Whether you’re fishing or living on the pontoon boat, you’re sure to have a great time.